EMERGENCY ULTRASOUND IN PRIMARY HEALTH CARE, Khon Kaen Hospital, Thailand.(26-27 August 2016)

 Greetings from JPN Apex Trauma Centre, AllMS, New Delhi.
                 Jai Prakash Narayan AllMS Trauma Centre (JPNATC), AllMS is working on strengthening of Emergency and Trauma Care in the countries of South East Asian Region including various states of India in collaboration with WHO- SEARO.
This WHO-AIIMS platform is working to strengthen Emergency and trauma care at Primary Health care settings. This Initiative has started November-2015 and during last six months JPNATC, AllMS has conducted capacity building program months we conducted capacity building programs and meetings with various stake holders at Arunachal Pradesh and state for Goa.

State of Haryana is working closely with JPNATC, AllMS and HIPA, Haryana for capacity building of  doctors working in emergency/ casualty at CHC, PHC, DH and civil hospitals of Haryana. So far we had conducted three capacity building program and trained 70 doctors in trauma care management.

JPNATC, AllMS, WHO-SEARO and WHO collaborating centre for injury prevention and safety promotion, Khon Kaen Regional Hospital, Thailand are going to conduct the “SEARO International workshop on strengthening emergency and trauma care at primary health care setting’ on 22nd — 26th August 2016 at Trauma and Critical Care Centre , Khon Kaen Regional Hospital, Thailand.




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Detailed Schedule: Day-1
Course Schedule: Day-2
09.00-09.15 am Introduction
09.15-09.55 am Basic physics
09.55-10.10 am Airway Ultrasound: Normal Airway Sono-Anatomy,

Airway Injury, Endotracheal tube confirmation

10.10-10.30 am Lung Ultrasound: Basic Lung Signs,

Diagnosis of Pneumothorax,

Pleaural effusion/Hemothorax, Pneumonia,

Pulmonary edema.

10.30–11.00am Tea Break
11.00-12.15 am Skill station/Practice session:1.      Basic physics + Airway

2.      Basic physics + Breathing

12.15-12.35 pm Circulation: E-FAST & IVC assessment
12.35. -1.00pm Disability:Pupil Assesment,ONSD, Pediatric Cranial Ultrasound
1.00-2.00 pm Lunch
2.00-3.00 pm Skill station/Practice session:
3.00-3.15 pm MSK Ultrasound: Fracture detection, Dynamic Reduction of Fracture, Limb Vascular Emergencies
3.15-3.45 pm Procedural ultrasound: Vascular accessET /Ryles Tube confirmation,,Bladder assessment
3.45 -4.30 pm Skill station/Practice Session:
1.Vascular access: 2.Fracture detection 3.Bladder Assesment
4.30 pm Signature Video
4.45. onwards Post-Test,Feedback