Dt. Sanjeev Kumar Bhoi
Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Bhoi

Ultrasound (US) has long been recognized as a powerful tool for use in the diagnosis and evaluation of many clinical entities. Over the past decade, as higher quality, less expensive scanners were developed, US has proliferated throughout various specialties. US is no longer limited to radiology but is being utilized by at least 8 different specialties. One specialty which has contributed new research regarding ultrasound’s multiple clinical applications is Emergency Medicine. The attraction of immediate bedside sonographic examinations in the evaluation of specific emergent complaints makes it an ideal tool for the emergency specialist.
The social and economic pressures to triage, diagnose and rapidly treat patients have fuelled ultrasound’s use as a primary screening tool in the Emergency Department (ED). Most institutions now utilizing emergency screening ultrasounds report faster turnaround times and more expedient diagnosis of potential life-threatening emergencies such as internal haemorrhage following blunt trauma, abdominal emergencies, ectopic pregnancy, pericardial tamponade, and aortic aneurysms. Recent studies found that with the use of emergency physician-performed pelvic ultrasound length of stay was decreased in the emergency department by a median of 120 minutes.In response to this demand, most emergency medicine residencies now train their residents in emergency screening ultrasound as part of their standard curriculum. This number is expected to climb to near 100% over the next several years as more programs gain hospital acceptance.
Access to diagnostic modalities such as computed tomography; ultrasound is limited across the globe. One of important skill is point of care sonography which enhances the visual skill of acute care medicine in different critical settings such as pre-hospital, emergency room, critical care. The mission of ‘International Council for Critical emergency Sonography’ (ICCES) is to assimilate the visual skills of leaders in acute visual medicine in one platform and provide a platform to disseminate the knowledge and skills to the health care professionals across the world to make a difference for those whom we care. ICCES will provide various skills such as AIIMS Ultrasound Trauma Life Support, Emergency sonography, paediatric emergency sonography, Sono CPR, Ultrasound guided nerve block, Musculoskeletal Ultrasound, Ultrasound in primary care and Disaster ultrasound.