Process of Accreditation:

AUTLS course or AIIMS EM Sono course or AIMS Disaster Ultrasound Course
  1. Participant has to successfully complete the provider course (1 & 1/2 day AUTLS course or AIIMS EM Sono course or AIMS Disaster Ultrasound Course) – Mandatory for accreditation.
  2. Participant has to practice acute care/critical care sonography.
  3. Accreditation can be done in any one ore few or all of the following:
    1. Airway Ultrasound
    2. Lung Ultrasound
    3. FAST
    4. Focused ECHO
  4. One has to perform and report successfully the following number of ultrasound videos
    Sl No. Total Number of scans required
    1. Airway Ultrasound-50 Should include 5% to 10% pathological
    2. Lung Ultrasound-50 Should include 10% pathological
    3 FAST-50 Should include 10% pathological
    4. Focused ECHO-50 Should include 10% pathological
  5. Reporting method of videos: All the videos need to be reported in the specific reporting forms provided by us.
  6. All the videos need to be saved in AVI or MP-4.
  7. Saved videos need to be sent via email/gmail/Google Drive to & along with the reporting form.
  8. All videos will be reviewed by the experts.
  9. After successful completion of said number of video reporting, he has to give hands on test at AIIMS, New Delhi, India and to undergo one day instructor course (hands on test usually happens on same day of Instructor course)

Reporting form : Click here to Download   

Reporting form – AULTS US ECHO: Click here to Download   


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