AULTS (Nurses)

  1.  Must have successfully done AUTLS For Nurses Provider Certification
  2. Collect Images and Videos in numbers as specified below:
Scan area Normal Scan Pathological Scan
Airway 25 If Any
Lung ultrasound 50 10% should be pathological for example Pneumothorax, Pneumonia, contusion, Pulmonary edema, Pleural effusion.
Circulation FAST (All 4 windows): 50 10% should be pathological
Optic Nerve Sheath Diameter (Measurement) 50 10% should be pathological
IVC 20 10% should be pathological
Fracture Detection 20 10% should be pathological
Ultrasound Guided ABG 20 Femoral 10
Radial 10
Special Instruction for Images and Videos
All images and/or videos needs to be submitted along with the reporting forms. These videos will be assessed by the assigned faculties and they will verify your finding. After successful completion of the abovementioned numbers of scans one has to appear in practical hands on test and submit one ultrasound project proposal during any provider course. During the period of video collection one has to attend two provider courses as observer/refresher.
How to save images or videos?

Images And Videos Should Contain:

  1. Date And Time
  2. Registration No. Of Patient
  3. Performer’s Name
  4. Interpretation
Example – 1

USG Video Example

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