Course Description

Care of the sickest requires compassion, competency and commitment which has been bestowed especially to the nurses along with the doctors in acute care. One requires various emergency care skills to fulfil these core competencies to manage acutely ill patient.Acute care nurses has been doing procedures such as assisting in airway management and getting vascular access in blinded fashion which raises the patient safety issue especially in Emergency Departments and ICUs where the margin of error should be minimal.

Mass Casualty management is demanding and possess real challenge to the health care providers in ‘Rescue to Resuscitation’ as well as addressing the surge capacity issues in imaging.‘Point of care’ ultrasound is visual tool which can be learnt by nurses for example: Lung Sonography, FAST, vascular access, Fracture detection etc. and also during resuscitation. It can alleviate errors during procedures and address patient safety issues.Use of ultrasound by nurses can enhance the capacity and capabilities of the crisis management team during Mass Casualty Scenario.

AIIMS Emergency and Critical Care Sonography has taken initiative to teach nurses point of Care Ultrasound through ‘AIIMS Ultrasound Trauma Life Support For Nurses(AUTLSN)’. This course is also affiliated to International Council for Critical Emergency Sonography(ICCES) which is a forum for empowering acute visual medicine globally.

                                             “Join the mission with a vision to empower yourself in rescue to resuscitation while caring with compassion, commitment and competency towards the patient whom we care”.


Target group Registered Staff Nurses(RN)
Duration of Course: 2 days
Max Number Of Participants: 24 (Twenty Four)
Instructor: Student ratio: 1:6 (one instructor for six students)
Certification: Participants will be awarded a certificate of participation.
Accreditation: To get accredited as a certified provider, one has to fulfil the core competencies by criteria . click here
Detailed Schedule