Emergency and Critical Care Sonography For Nuero Surgeons

Ultrasound – From ED to OT Empowering Neurosurgeons, Neurologists & Neuro-intensivists with the power of Ultrasound

This unique workshop is offered to Neurosurgeons, Neurologists & neuro-intensivists who are interested in unleashing the power of ultrasound for everyday use in ED, ICU and most importantly in the Operating room.

This is a practical hands on course where candidates will be trained in recognizing basic ultrasound anatomy, understanding basic physics and practical use of the ultrasound machine (knobology), conjuring the appropriate ultrasound images and findings to the correct decision and treatment protocols to be used from resuscitation to intra-operative use of ultrasound to post-operative care for neuro patients.

The workshop is a must for every specialist managing neuro patients and we are confident that it will be an eye-opener for one and all.

Target group Post graduate students of Neurosurgeons, Neurologists & Neuro-intensivists
Duration of Course: 1 day
Max number of participants: 32 (Thirty Two) per batch
Instructor: Student ratio: 1:8(one instructor for eight students)
Certification: Participants will be awarded a certificate of participation.
Accreditation: To get accredited as a certified provider, one has to fulfill the core competencies by criteria laid down.
Detailed Schedule: Day-1